Hi, I'm Fred. Welcome to the mind junction of a black,educated down to earth bloke living in Sydney,Australia.
My blog is for my own pleasure, cars, girls,cool stuff and things i like. Feedback is highly appreciated,I feed off it!
Love it ,Hate it, Feel as you will
But thanks for reading anyway :-)

Disclaimer: Some of the pics are created by me, but most of them are found from various places on the Web and I hold no ownership to them.

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That ass!!
British paratroopers in Afghanistan..
Meanwhile in Thailand..
Omg!! So beautiful!!
Just move one muscle and you gonna feel it!!!
Must be a re-blog but I love it!!! ;)
Perfect ass for all the new followers :)
So fresh..
Such a beautiful photo..
Nice shoes..
Swag city bitch!!

FUCK YOU!!!!!!

Don’t hide, it’s over now..
Everyone should have an i8 on their dashboard!!

RDJ flying the fighter jet!!! OMG!!!

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